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Reviews are in! - “The Letters”- world premiere at Bridge Street Theatre

"Sara Parcesepe’s energetic performance as Rachel adds an interesting complication to the story. Parcesepe bounds on stage with keenness and enthusiasm which she carries through the entire show, infusing the performance with subtle differences in expression as she, like Rajiv, evolves across the span of the two time periods, while questioning her relationship and future with Rajiv." - Theresa Gasparini of Hudson Valley Ovation

"Rachel is the most crusty, always threatening and maneuvering the two men at her will.

Rachel is realized by Sara Parcesepe who gives the girl so much energy that even when she is sitting down the force of her physicality comes across the stage and into the audience with amazing strength. She is a dynamic actress, well suited to a role like this one. She varies very little from the fulsome concept of Rachel. (...) she grows a bit older and keeps all of the qualities that make her compelling and revolting simultaneously." -

J. Peter Bergman of Berkshire Bright Focus

"The script requires, and receives, fine performances from the four actors.  Singer, Onken and Parcesepe realistically age from the devil-may-care twenty-two-year olds in Berlin into the worn and frustrated adults of 2014. Parcesepe’s Rachel is the strongest of the three friends, perhaps knowing more than the others of what she wants.  At first, compliant and gregarious she becomes angry and wary of Rajiv." -

Macey Levin of Berkshire On Stage 

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